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List of Major Contracts and Sub-Contracts

IWRP Other Transactional Authority (OTA)
The IWRP Consortium from its headquarters near Charleston, SC, in coordination with both SPAWAR Atlantic, located in Charleston, SC, and SPAWAR Pacific, located in San Diego, CA. Initial research efforts will focus on the following technology areas: cyber warfare, data science/analytics technologies, assured communications, cloud computing, enterprise resource tools, collaboration and social networking, autonomy, internet of things, mobility, model based systems engineering, on-demand manufacturing, assured command and control, integrated fires, and battlespace awareness.
Large Business SeaPort Enhanced Contract N00178-04-D-4080 

ARKS is proud to be a member of team ManTech. This team supports C4ISR, IT, Cyber, and Logistics worldwide. We are a proven leader in the design, development, analysis, implementation, and support of all aspects of C4ISR systems and technology. Our Team provides a full spectrum of information technology/information systems services and facilities in a process-driven environment. Our cyber work is securing the nation’s future. We integrate technologies, tactics, and techniques developed by offensive and defensive cyber experts to inform our comprehensive approach to security. When designing, operating, and maintaining logistics systems is done right, the operational life-cycle of any weapons or equipment system is enhanced, and the turnaround to bring systems back online is diminished – and that's the kind of global logistics solution we provide. Team ManTech is a leader in the application of systems engineering across a wide array of large-scale system development and acquisition programs used by government and industry.

Small Business SeaPort Enhanced Contract N00178-15-D-8358 

ARKS is proud to be a member of team PEMCCO.  This team provides Information Technology and Information Management (IT/IM) services focused on assisting our customers maximize the use of existing and emerging technologies to achieve their desired business productivity objectives. APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT & DEPLOYMENT (ADD) -encompass specific software development, engineering and deployment capabilities distinctive to our customers. MANAGEMENT SUPPORT SERVICES (MSS) - provides a range of technical management support areas to include technical and project/program management, configuration and asset management, and program and technical services. OPERATIONS SUPPORT SERVICES (OSS) - ensures effective network management and monitoring, user assistance, and communications. SYSTEMS INSTALLATION & INTEGRATION (SII) - supporting command and control, voice communications, security, and surveillance and tracking systems. SYSTEMS ENGINEERING & DESIGN (SED) - includes systems design analysis, site verification, specification development, and installation planning for voice, data, and video systems which encompass Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) components, and military Satellite Communications and Telecommunications (MILSATCOM/Telecom) networks.

C5 Other Transactional Authority (OTA)
C5 offers a uniquely rapid, cost–effective and collaborative acquisition vehicle for companies, nonprofits and academic organizations seeking to do business with the Federal Government. As an alternative to the often complex Federal Acquisition Regulation, which may discourage non–traditional and small businesses from seeking to enter the Federal marketplace, C5 provides its members and eligible Federal agencies a flexible and user–friendly partnership path, linking buyers and sellers of innovation in the C4ISR space.
C4I Engineering, Integration, and Installation (CEnIIC) N00039-18-D-0005 (BC65)
for SPAWARSYSCEN PACIFIC Department of Navy

This contract will support various Navy and other United States Government shipbuilding programs. These programs require integrated C4I capabilities to provide robust communications for operations, maritime, and flight safety. These programs also require integrated information from various communications links and sensors. The integrated capabilities will provide a given command or ship an extension of the tactical horizon, and provide threat indications and warnings. These capabilities will also provide tactical threat analysis and the capability to target the indicated threat entities. The integrated capability is made up of distributed systems that provide network capabilities, communications, command and control, intelligence. The System of Systems (SoS) Test and Integration Facility (TIF) Complex is located at Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) Systems Center–Atlantic (SSC–LANT) in Charleston, SC.

Large Business SeaPort Enhanced Contract N00178-04-D-4077 

ARKS is proud to be a member of team LCE. This team has demonstrated verifiable and recent experience supporting many Warfare Center Divisions, NAVSEA, Type Commanders, public and private shipyards, as well as many other Navy and DOD engineering and logistics activities. Recent tasking ranges from small, single man, on-site efforts, to large multi-million dollar projects that encompass “cradle to grave” support for specific HM&E and combat systems and equipment. The team offers a full scope of services from large-scale computing and software resources, to heavy duty manufacturing capability. Within the past three years, LCE and its team members have provided professional technical support to every major activity outlined in the solicitation from Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command in Washington, DC to NSWC Corona, and has completed well over 1,000 separate task orders under numerous delivery orders. This work has included Research and Development projects, waterfront installations, software development and implementation, shipboard and shore side training, warehousing, program management, ILS support, engineering and design, inactive ship maintenance, human factors engineering, combat systems development and in-service support, weapons launching and handling systems, as well as many other types of Department of the Navy contract support. Platforms supported have included all U.S. Navy ships, all MSC ships, and numerous USCG afloat assets.

Industry Relationships

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