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Government Offerings

Specializing in marine navigation, cyber, C2, and sensor integration, ARKS is registered in SAM and WAWF, and supports more than a dozen NAICS areas. We have supported defense and non-defense government agencies. 


Examples of experience:

  • Navigation Systems Land-Based Test Systems (LBTS) Laboratory 

    • ARKS personnel were involved with building the last two in-service engineering agent LBTS sites, and we manned and operated the one before that. We know and understand the requirements for successful implementation.

    • Complete implementation to include Scorsby turntable installation, computer decking, false ceiling, lighting, fire main sprinkler alignment, environmental conditioning​, stable system foundations, winches, 60Hz and 400Hz power conversion and distribution, antenna installation, interface matrices, equipment cabling and equipment installation. 

  •  Navigation and Communication Systems design development and implementation. From concept and prototyping to installation and life-cycle management including all Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) elements

    • ​AN-SRC-40 Aircraft Inertial Alignment System (AIAS) Radio Set

    • AN/BSN-2 Digital Depth Detector (DDD) 

    • AN/WSN-8A Digital Hybrid Speed Log (DHYSL) 

    • Inertial Navigation System Replacement (INSR)

    • Inertial Navigation Architecture (INA)

    • New Digital Dead Reckoning Tracer (DDRT) 

  • Navigation, Radar and Communication Systems life cycle and obsolescence mitigation. We have substantial experience in extending the life-cycle of fielded equipment through screen and repair techniques as well as component-level repair. When it is time, however, to replace the system, we are there to assist in identifying the requirements, acquisition strategy and analysis of alternatives. Examples of some of types of systems we have extended the life-cycle for are:

    • AN/SPA-25 Radar Display and associated radar distribution system

    • MK-3,19,23,27,29 and AN/WSN-2/2A Gyrocompasses

    • AN/WSN-1,3,5, and 7 Inertial Navigation Systems

    • Speed Log Systems

    • Depth Detection Systems

    • Shipboard Announcing Systems

    • DC WIFCOM and HYDRA radio systems

  • Navigation Systems Certification (NAVCERT)

    • Deep expertise in the process and testing required for US Navy Navigation Systems Certifications and the associated reporting. ​

  • Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV)

    • River Scout, MIW and other sea-surface vessels design and sensor integration

  • Small Combatant Craft

    • ​Supporting navigation and C2 systems aboard vessels from State Department Go-Fast chase boats to the newest MK-6 Patrol

  • Electronic Chart Display Information System (ECDIS)

    • Design and development as well as shipboard certifications​

  • Component Level Microminiature Repair

    • Troubleshooting, diagnostics and repair at the component level, ball grid array as well as surface mount and through hole assemblies. ​

  • Field Service and Installation Support

    • Extensive experience in shipboard test, analysis and installation support. We have experience pierside and with most major US shipyards, as well as international yards from Korea and Japan to Bahrain and Guam.

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