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Maritime Offerings 

Maritime requirements are unique and ever-changing, from operating without GPS and hacking risks to new energy and environmental demands. ARKS has a unique understanding of marine electronics as well as propulsion systems; these technologies are converging more and more each day.


Let ARKS help you navigate the world of new-build, fleet modernization and system optimization alternatives. 


Examples of knowledge base and capabilities:


  • Cyber defense and security

    • Anti-hacking and access control

  • GPS denied environment mitigation

    • Position, navigation, speed and timing

  • Bridge Design and Installation

    • From custom console and equipment designs to mitigating obsolescence of key navigation and control systems. ​

  • Emissions Monitoring

    • We have unique experience in this area having designed and produced monitoring systems. We have worked in the pioneering stage of marine emissions monitoring. We have built relationships across the globe with the leading experts who can assist in evaluating requirements and advising on solutions.  ​

  • System Health Monitoring

    • With extensive experience in sensor integration and marine applications, we have key relationships to provide the analysis and information needed to assess ship's performance. ​

  • Propulsion Plant Conversion

    • Energy ​and environmental demands are driving dramatic change in propulsion. From LNG and methane conversions to biofuel and Plasma research we have the experience and relationships to bring solutions that deliver the efficiency and compliance answers needed in these changing times.

  • Interior Communications

    • Ships announcing and damage control require absolute operability. We have the experience and relationships to bring economical and reliable solutions to shipboard communication. ​

  • Sensor Integration

    • Sensors like speed, tank level indicators, wind birds, and fuel measurement have been problematic for years. Let us help analyze your specific requirements and bring together proven and dependable solutions that will save money and, more importantly, increase availability and accuracy. ​

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