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ARKS personnel have more than a quarter-century experience helping customers achieve their shore-based facilities requirements. 


Examples of experience:


  • Navigation Systems Land-Based Test Systems (LBTS) Laboratory 

    • Complete implementation to include Scorsby turntable installation, computer decking, false ceiling, lighting, fire main sprinkler alignment, environmental conditioning​, stable system foundations, winches, 60Hz and 400Hz power conversion and distribution, antenna installation, interface matrices, equipment cabling and equipment installation. 

  •  Training Facilities

    • ​From computer-based and basic classrooms to full immersion modeling and simulation systems, providing easily reconfigurable training scenarios or variations in systems.

  • Physical Security

    • We have managed and implemented some of the most advanced ​barrier and access denial systems available. From vehicles to UAV to personnel, if you don't want it to get in, we can implement a design to meet your needs. 

  • Intrusion Detection Systems

    • It's important to know when someone or something is attempting to breach security perimeters. We can design and implement systems that not only detect and report, but that also notify you in a way that allows immediate pinpoint location and safe route approach or egress. 

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